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Build trust with your own personalize DateFacts Page

Give potential online daters the confidence to choose you

Differentiate your dating profile from the sea of dating profiles with ratings about you from real experiences. Showcase your dating experience, stand out in search results, build your dating brand while having fun.

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About the App

This app will allow honest feedback of dating experiences with other people. With all the dating apps and websites: Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match, Our Time, etc., it is obvious that there is a market for love. Whether 18 or 81, there is a dating app to meet your need. Before we purchase a car, we get a Carfax, before we purchase a home we get a home inspection, before dining at a restaurant, we check yelp. But when it comes to dating all caution is to the wind and we have no leverage.

Well, welcome to DateFacts., where you can get “DaFacts” about your next potential match! Set up your profile today and “Be who you “Post” to be!”

Dating Should Be Fun

The first date is always filled with a lot of emotions and anxiety is often one of them. Will they look like their photos, what will we talk about, do I have an exit strategy? Here are 9 ways to help ease that anxiety:

1. Check their Datefacts profile
2. Hit the gym before your date. …
3. Take a shower. …
4. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. …
5. Listen to your favorite upbeat music. …
6. Plan a fun date. …
7. Prepare a few questions in advance. …
8. Put your date in the friend zone for the night. …
9. Be authentic.

Finding Ratings is Easy


What People Say About Us


“I’ve always wondered what my new girlfriends ex’s would honestly say about her? I guess now I will get a chance to find out!”


Tampa, FL 2021


“DateFacts is an awesome idea! We talk about this all the time in my beauty salon. Women are going to love this idea. Thanks DateFacts for thinking about this!”


Baltimore, MD 2022


“I am going to set up a Datefacts for me and my boyfriend. Although we’ve been together for some time now, I think it would be an awesome way for us to provide feedback to each other. It would be an awesome way for us to grow and improve communication in our relationship.”


Charlotte, NC 2022


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